BC Outstanding Young Farmer | Nominations


The final day to nominate a young farmer the 2018 BC OYF is December 1, 2017. Please forward your nomination to Heather Carriere at zamacaconsulting@gmail.com. The nomination committee will then send out the nomination application to the nominee.

Nomination Criteria

Nominees may be an individual, couple or managing partner/shareholder of a farm group. Nominee must be responsible for the majority of management decisions in operating the farm. The nominee must derive a minimum of two-thirds of gross revenue from farming and not have reached the age of 40 as of January 1 in the year of competition.

Mission Statement

To provide a positive platform to celebrate and recognize progress and excellence in Agriculture in Canada. The Program provides a unique opportunity to encourage young farmers to pursue excellence, to provide a forum for exchange and to foster better urban- rural relations through greater understanding and appreciation of farmers’ concerns and achievements. The OYF Program strives to promote the values of excellence, advancement, opportunity and exchange.

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